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Let us help you fly through your drug calculations tests with ease.


The Book

The guide to everything you need to know for your drug calculations tests, with step-by-step explanations for every topic, examples that show how to apply the methods to real situations, 100s of practice questions, 8 practice tests and access to bonus materials (including worked solutions to every question).

The Course

Our course is called 'Pass Your Drug Calculations Test with Ease' because that's exactly the result it delivers. The course features dozens of video tutorials, with bonus cheat sheets and practice exercises on every topic, plus access to personal support as you study.


The ultimate in personalised support is through our bespoke coaching sessions. You will get access to one-on-one video calls that can target individualised help right where you need it most. Also included in our coaching service are additional exercises to complete after the call.

'Maths For Nurses' Book

This book will teach you how to ace your drug calculations test (even if Maths isn't your thing). Buy the book and you will get:

  • A Complete Numeracy Guide for Nurses that covers in detail every topic that comes up in your nursing practice.
  • Eight Full Practice Tests and hundreds more practice questions.
  • Access to Bonus Materials including fully worked step-by-step solutions for every practice question. 

'Pass Your Drug Calculations Test with Ease' Course

The course will turbo-charge your preparation and make the concepts that you have struggled with seem straight-forward. When you buy the course, you will get:

  • Dozens of Video Tutorials breaking down every skill that you need into easy to digest steps.
  • Bonus Cheat Sheets and extra pratice questions to accompany each video.
  • Personal Support as you study. You will have access to extra help  with whatever questions you have.

Personal Coaching

Through personal coaching, you have the opportunity to deep-dive into the areas that give you most trouble and ensure that you are 100% confident going into your drug calculations tests and your practice. With the coaching, you will get:

  • One-on-One Video Calls that are tailored to the areas where you most need help.
  • Access to Tom O'Toole, author of the 'Maths for Nurses' book, who carries out the coaching personally.
  • Extension Exercises based on the content of the call to complete when the coaching is finished.

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