Squeeze More Value From Your Practice Questions


Five Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Maths For Nurses Practice Questions


You (Almost) Certainly Know this Already...

The absolute best tactic in the world to prepare for your drug calculations test is by doing practice questions.

You know that. I know that. Every man and his dog knows that.

It's one thing for something to make sense when you read it in a book (shameless book plug here). It's another thing to nod along as you watch a video with a detailed step-by-step method in a course (you guessed it - shameless course plug) or as a friend explains it to you. But the rubber really hits the road when you sit down yourself with a bunch of practice questions and try to put those skills that you have learned into action (that's why I have made the book and course cram-packed with questions for you to have a go at). 

The good news is that there are tons of practice questions out there. I have made available three practice tests as a free gift for you (you're welcome) - and I have links to a load more on my resources page. 

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Finding the resources is the easy bit though. The real trick is making the most of them when you have them.

I wanted to share with you five ways to squeeze those extra drops of value from your Maths for Nurses practice questions.

1. Study the Worked Solutions

How annoying is it when this happens?

​You have had a go at some questions, and when you check your answers, there are a couple that you got wrong. You look at what the answer should have been. You look at the question. You look at the answer that you got. And you can't see how you could have got from the question to the answer.

That does ​my melon in when it happens to me.

It's the ones that I didn't get right where I need help. Not just what the answer should be but how I could have got that answer myself.​

I am a big believer in worked solutions. For every practice question I give you, I want to offer a detailed method to show you how you could have got to the answer yourself (Don't tell anyone, but the day after you receive the free practice tests, I send you the fully worked solutions for them all - it's one of the little surprise bonuses that I like to give).

These worked solutions amplify the value of the practice questions. They unlock the ones you are unclear about. They might offer short-cut methods for ones that you can do. They help you keep clear about your methods and boost your confidence when you are on the right lines.

Invest the time beyond doing the questions themselves to study the solutions. 

2. Do Them More Than Once

Especially when you have a lot of practice tests available, do them more than once. 

After trying the first time and studying the worked solutions, come back to it a week later. Try it again. Can you put into practice what you have learned, or are you still stuck on it?

You don't want to get to the point where you are getting them right just because you remember the answers (without being clear about the method), but if you have enough practice questions (and there are plenty out there), by the time they come back around to the top of the pile, they will seem completely fresh to you.

3. Make More Questions

Each set of Maths For Nurses practice questions that you have opens up an infinity of possibilities for you.

Each question can become a hundred questions if you just change a few of the numbers. 

You may remember what the infusion rate is for a patient who needs 400ml over 3 hours. Then change it. Work it out for a patient needing 250ml over 2 hours. Or 700ml over 4 hours. Or 600ml over 5 hours. 

You will be practising the same techniques but with new questions every time.

The possibilities are endless.

4. Explain it to a Friend

They say that the sign of truly understanding something is being able to explain it to somebody else.

Once you have had a go at some practice questions, why not find a friend/partner/parent/stranger on a bus/dog/cat (*delete as applicable) and talk them through how to do it.

And if you don't have a friend/partner/parent​/stranger/pet who is willing to listen to your explanations, then why not film a quick vid of yourself explaining it and send it over to me at - I will do my best to let you know whether it makes sense.

5. Analyse Patterns

To really focus your preparation, you need to find out whether you are struggling with the same things over and over again. Look for the patterns. Which topics do you do well with? Where do you struggle? For what things (if any) do you need more practice or extra support?

To help you analyse the patterns, I have created a free Maths For Nurses Practice Questions audit that will enable you to see clearly which types of questions you are doing well on, and where you need extra help.

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