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What Maths do you need to know before you even start your course?


Essential Maths for Nursing Students to Know (Before Your Start Your Course)

During the course of your nursing degree, you will learn how to do most of the calculations that you will need to perform in your professional practice (and I will do what I can to make it easier for you if you feel as though 'Maths isn't your thing').

But did you know that as well as the applied skills that you will learn during the course, you will be expected to have a certain level of Maths ability before you even start?

For almost all nursing schools, a grade C in GCSE maths is a minimum requirement (or equivalent if you are based overseas). Getting this grade C is an important first step, and information about arranging to take the exam can be found through an exam board (for example, Edexcel).

There is a good chance that as well as asking for a grade C, your training provider will test your Maths skills as part of the application process (I know, like the interview isn't stressful enough - right?). 

​So, what are some of the basic parts of Maths for nursing students to revise before their interview? 

I have created a free checklist for you of the numeracy skills that you need before you go to interview which will hit your inbox when you enter your email address below (as well as some practice tests - test 1 is particularly useful for you at this stage).

Free Maths For Nursing Students Checklist!

Plus three free practice tests (if you haven't already recieved them)...

So, what now?

Well, step one is to download the checklist. Based on your gut instinct, mark off the ones you feel confident with and the ones that you don't feel so sure about. 

Then confirm your instinct - try the practice question for the topics that you feel that you can do (perhaps some will be trickier than you think). Try the practice questions for those topics that you were not confident (you never know, you might surprise yourself).

After that, well that's down to you. Perhaps you are sitting pretty and can do it all. That's fab! There are other aspects of your interview that you can prepare for. On the other hand, if there are one or two (or more) topics that you need to work on, then it's much better to find out now than when you are in the test itself. Do what you need to do to brush up the topics you struggle with (the Maths for Nurses book would be a great place to start).

For many of us, Maths tests can be intimidating experiences. Remember, if you are well prepared (and you will be well prepared), there is nothing to worry about. Start with the checklist, figure out what topics (if any) you need to work on and take it from there.

Get Your Maths For Nursing Students Checklist!

(Plus your free practice tests if you haven't already received them)