Personal Coaching


Our bespoke coaching sessions provide the ultimate in individualised support.



The Fast-Track to 100% Confidence

So you've read the book, and worked through the exercises, and you feel like you are starting to understand how this numeracy thing works? You've done the course, and it turbo-charged your learning to a whole new level? But perhaps there are still one or two things that you don't get?

Or maybe you do get it, but you don't quite feel as confident as you could? 

Coaching could be the perfect next step for you. 

Want to Know More?

To enquire about our coaching, email us using the button below and let us know how we can help.

When you sign up for our coaching services, we do an initial consultation to find out exactly where you are up to and we create a bespoke plan of learning just for you.

Based on that plan, you will then receive one-to-one video coaching calls with Tom O'Toole, the author of the 'Maths for Nurses' book where you focus on the particular areas that have been identified for you to work on.

Tom will explain those topics in a step-by-step way, and will demonstrate to you why they work the way they do and how to apply it to your practice. Tom will then walk step-by-step with you as you try to apply the methods that you have learned to solve problems. 

After the calls are complete, Tom will send you some additional exercises to work on that will use and reinforce the skills that you have been focussing on.

The learning will all be at your own pace. There will be no rush to move on if you need more time on a topic, but once you feel confident with it, you can switch focus to another area. 

For more information about our coaching services, please email us with some details about what you are looking for and we will get back to you right away.

What You Will Get

One-on-One Video Calls

Based on an initial consultation, the calls are individually tailored to the areas that will help you most.

Personal Access

All the coaching calls will be conducted by Tom O’Toole himself, author of the ‘Maths for Nurses’ book.

Extension Exercises

Once a call is complete, you will be given extra exercises to practice the skills discussed on the call.